The door on the tiny house is a beautiful handcrafted door that Zack has designed and built himself. He had already made the frame for the door out of 2x8s while he did the construction for the frame of the walls. The door is 32 inches wide and arched. He placed two sheets of 3/4 plywood and stuck R3 insulation foam in between, then screwed it together. The window we used is a 12 inch wide circle filled with argon gas which had to be special ordered.

Zack then started creating the arch and the circle with a jigsaw. We purchased a roll of black aluminum from a local siding company which he used on the exterior. He cut 4 strips which he used to wrap the exterior and the sides of the door. Zack then nailed in small black nails all around the door to secure the aluminum. He roughly used about 150 small black nails to do this. The nails gave the door a rustic medieval look to it which we love!

Once the exterior was finished we bought two packs of pine wood boards that were nailed to the interior side of the door and stained with Minmax Wood finish in Colonial American. We installed two weiser deadbolts on the door, one at the top and one at the bottom for more security in the Yukon. We also put the door on gate hinges for more support of the weight of the door. The door approximately weighs about 70 pounds.

Zack created a window frame out of laminated 3/4 plywood to create a 2 inch frame, finished with the same wood stain. Once the window was installed, he screwed the frame to the door.

We have decided to put in 5 windows not including the skylight into the Tiny house. When Zack was framing the house, he did not frame the windows in, knowing that we did not purchase the windows yet, so we had no sizes to work with. We knew that we would pick up the windows from a contractors wholesale or Kijiji to help with the total saving costs.

We picked up windows from a contractors store, they were selling miss matched windows for a reduced price that were not used in old construction projects. We placed two smaller slider windows in the loft as well as the sky light, giving us lots of light. Zack also installed 3 other windows in the house. One window was installed beside the door, one in front of the house beside the shed and one over the wheel well.

Zack did receive some help from a friend to install our skylight. I think the skylight is one of my favourite parts of the tiny house. It really makes the house feel big! Providing us with lots of light. It was installed over the loft where our heads will be. Since the skylight was given to us by our neighbour that he used in his house for many years, we did have one leak from a corner of the glass which Zack sealed it with Polyurethane Black Adhesive, which seemed to do the trick.


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