The walls were completed with 2×3’s, The highest points of the 2 ceilings are 9 ft and 10 ft.

Zack and his father squared the tiny house, and I stained 14 sheets of laminated pine material. We used semi-translucent brown made by Cabot from Lowes which we got a good deal because some cans were marked down. The stain really made the grains of the wood stand out. It covered very well.

We had many ideas for what we wanted the roof look like, but we needed something that would best suit us and optimize the space we have. Zack‭ wanted to create a Barrel style roof, I thought it would have been amazing, but too time consuming for where we need to be, since we are planning to move in the spring, we were in a rush to finish the exterior before the snow fall. The roof we decided was a two sloped roof. One slope drops 6 inches over 8 feet and other drops a foot over 8 feet. The highest point reaching 13 feet tall. This design gives us the ability to have quite a bit of head space, making the house look big when walking in. You don’t feel like you’re in such a small space. This design also gave us the ability to install a small emergency escape door in the loft where we can access the roof. We also added a shed in the front of the house with a door. The shed is the total length of the tongue on the trailer.


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