The idea to build a tiny house and to move off the grid came to us about 2 years ago. We first began starting this project by doing a lot of research of off grid living, being self-efficient, farming, canning, gardening, and floor plans, till this day we still have no floor plan. One of the books we looked at for floor plans that we most referred to was “Micro Shelters”bought from Chapters.

As soon as we had an idea of what we wanted, Zack came rolling into the drive way with the new frame to our tiny house! For just $150 we had a frame. The frame is 16.5×8 ft and the total length is 20 ft long.

The frame to our house (Spring 2019)

As we got the frame in the winter, we were very eager to start working as soon as possible. As soon as it got warm Zack welded the frame and added more support too it. I wire wheeled the frame, then gave it a nice coat of primer and black rust proof spray paint. About 3 weeks of work and the frame looked brand new.

Finished Trailer (Spring 2019)

Zack then wired the trailer breaks and rear lights, installed new bearings, breaks, bearing buddy’s, and gave it a coat of rocker guard. Zack started building the floor, which was built in three sections 2×4’s on 3/8 thick plywood and painted with oil based paint under to protect the wood.

After the three sections were screwed together, it was towed to a local spray foam company called Eco-insulation. We got 4 inches of spray foam in the floor. When we got it back we also shredded old paper and placed it in the remaining space, then placed 5/8 thick plywood on top, sealed with PL premium to ensure there is no air flow going coming threw.


3 thoughts on “Building the floor of the Tiny House

  1. YEE HAW! all I want to know is where is the bar going, and where do I sleep? I am so happy for you both Jessica. HUGS and LOVE/


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